Everyday, as children of God, we don't just have a blessing, but a - double blessing.

In Psalm 73: 26, it says,
My flesh and my heart fails, but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever.
The writer of this Psalm was realistic to admit that his flesh and his heart fails, but he didn't stopped there. He finished the statement positively. Isn't this a great principle to change our life and our mindset? Yes. we can be realistic to admit our limitations and weaknesses, but always remember to end your declarations positively. Don't reverse it as some people do. They will say good things about life and about God, but sad to say, they will end their sentence negatively. It ought not to be so, but rather we must be realistic, and yet end our declarations with positive words, and declarations that express God's promises for us. Just like in this verse, we can end the sentence by saying -
 This is our double blessings.

Yes, there maybe double failures, which are the flesh and the heart, but praise God, there are double blessings for our double failures. This what makes us winners though sometimes our flesh fails. There are sicknesses, and diseases that sometimes afflict us and limit us. But our life should not be stopped by these limitations. In our limitations, God can work His possibilities. We also experience how our hearts fail sometimes. We get discouraged and we get disappointed. But praise God, God is the strength of our heart and our portion forever. This is our double blessings as children of God.

First, God is the strength of our heart.
Second, He is our portion forever.

The strength of the heart cannot be measured. It is unquantifiable. This signifies that this is what we need first in life before the portion. The portion can be measured. This is quantifiable. This can be the car you are asking for, the business you are praying for, the breakthrough you have been waiting for. But we must remember that it is strength first that we need, and not just the portion. Practically speaking, don't just ask your portion to be rich. Ask God to give you strength to handle the portion. For example, don't just ask for riches, but the strength and the capacity to enjoy those riches. Many have riches, but they don't have the strength in their hearts to handle the riches.

The portion actually means, "a share, a part." Isn't this a great reminder for us that what we have is but a portion? Yes, you and I cannot have everything in life, because if you have everything in life, what you will you need God for? You and I just have portions or parts because our everything must still be our God.

But God has promised this already - He is our strength of our heart, and our portion forever. You and I were guaranteed that what we have is always a double blessing. You and I will not just material blessings, but will also have the heart to handle these material blessings. You and I will not just have breakthroughs, but will also have the courage and discipline to handle these breakthroughs. You and I will not just have promotions, but will also have the enjoyment of these promotions. These are the blessings of the Lord which makes rich and He adds no sorrow with it. This again is a double-blessing- you are being made rich, and there is no sorrow with it.

Also, consider the promise, "they are new every morning, great is His faithfulness." What are the double- blessings here? Well, it is His mercies, and His faithfulness. As you read His words, you will be amazed that there lots of "double-combo" blessings of God for us. Wow! This is the reason why we can live everyday victoriously and abundantly.

Open your two hands everyday. You are about to receive double blessings.


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